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Caipirinha: learn the authentic recipe for this Brazilian cocktail

Caipirinha is a cocktail known all over the world, here is the recipe with Malandra Cachaça

In any season Caipirinha is a great cocktail, but specially during summer, this cocktail is refreshing and very tasty.

The name caipirinha means "little countryside girl" because of where it was first created: in the countryside of Brazil. However the original place of the cocktail is unknown. Some say it comes from the São Paulo state, other from Rio de Janeiro countryside.

Wherever the cocktail comes from, it is now a symbol of Brazil. Below you will find the Malandra Caipirinha recipe, the way we make it in Brazil:



50ml Malandra Crystal 1 Lime (in 4 pieces)

2 Teaspoons of sugar

Ice cubes


Mash the four lime wedges in a cocktail mixer and add Malandra Crystal, sugar and ice. Shake all ingredients and pour completely into a glass. Add more sugar and ice if needed.

Here you find Malandra Crystal to prepare your cocktail:

With the Caipirinha Set you get everything you need to make your drink:

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