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The creation of cachaça

The first batch of cachaça was produced around 1516 at the Brazilian coast. This makes cachaça the oldest spirit from Latin America, being older than Pisco, Rum, and Tequila.

Mapa Brasil_1.png
The Cachaça Revolution

​​In 1660 Portugal forbade the entire production and commercialization of cachaça because it was competing with its spirit Bagaceira. This started the so-called Cachaça Revolution. Only after one year of fight, Cachaça was again legal in Brazil.

The fall and rise of a spirit

​​​​Around 1800 the Brazilian elite labeled cachaça as a low-quality spirit for the lower classes, preferring European products. Only in 1922 with the Modernist Art Movement in Brazil, cachaça came back to light.

The persistent Malandra

Today, cachaça is a Brazilian national treasure, known all around the globe for its drink Caipirinha.  Malandra crossed the Atlantic from Brazil to Berlin, because you deserve the authentic taste of cachaça.

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